Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Can I please have an icedgrandetripleshotnonfatcaramelmacchiato?

Yes I was one of those really annoying customers in Starbucks today. I could have been worse I guess, not ALL of the boxes had something written in them. But I am tired. Too tired. And even though I don't think caffeine really has an effect on me...I think I am able to mentally convince myself that it is at least benefiting me slightly.

Right now, I am trying to write my paper that is due tomorrow for Developmental Psych...but instead I feel sick because Kasey made rice krispy treats and the 4 of us pretty much almost finished the entire 9 x 13 pan. I just could not stop eating them! And the problem is that I have been eating a lot healthier lately because my nutrition class motivates me too...but put out any sweets and I cannot help it no matter what I do. I made the mistake of bringing a bag skittles to that class once, and I ended up throwing half the bag away at break because I felt guilty for eating them when she was talking about eating right. I had a delicious veggie and whole wheat pasta dish for dinner, and then probably like 5 rice krispies. Oh brother.

Last night at work was brutal...there is always 2 cashiers working from 5-7:30 or 8, depending on how busy it is. So I was scheduled to work 3:30-7:30, with Nicole. I was also training my friend Elizabeth, because she is going to be working there too (woo!). So at 5:00, Nicole comes in, seems fine, and then 5 minutes later says she needs to go outside because she does not feel well. She said she was extremely dizzy and said she was going to pass out, so the managers sent her home. So, I had to work from 3:30-9:30 BY MYSELF...and of course it was extremely busy. I was DYING! I was sweating, stressing, running around like a chicken with my head cut off....I didn't make any mistakes or anything and of course I was "under no stress" in front of the customers...but it was intense. But I am not going to complain about the $65 tip!! That was nice. But at the end of my shift, I had absolutely NO energy.
Today I drove to Mountain View to see my grandparents and my aunt and cousin who are visiting from Oregon. It was great to see them all, we went to brunch and it was nice to get away for just a few hours. Yes, I know, my paper is due in the morning and I have not started, and yes, I know, I am BLOGGING...but sometimes a person needs a b-r-e-a-k. So I had a blast out there.

I have a few more things I want to post about...but it will have to wait, this paper will not write itself. I wish.



Georgia Woodson said...

HAHAHA! You are soo funny! I love that you order a complicated Starbucks drink. I need people like you to come in to my store to order stuff like that to give me good practice! Oh my dear, you are a stud for getting through that night and $65, what a great reward! Miss you lots, thanks for the sweet message, I will call you this weekend. I also feel MySpace is falling by the wayside. Love ya!

Georgia Woodson said...

Wow three shots, you bust have been up late...