Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sad Mac

So my laptop has been having issues for awhile now. It will not turn on unless it is plugged into the wall, and lately it seems like it is either reaching its last leg, or maybe I have to just replace something. Right now, I am on Kelly's laptop as I wait hopefully for my computer to boot up. It goes through a cycle of a white screen, a screen of jumbled up letters, the startup screen with lines across it, and just a rainbow of colors. Fail after fail after fail.

Meanwhile, I keep replaying the episode of sex in the city where Carry's laptop dies, and the sad face she saw before it crashed was called a "sad mac" which meant her chances of recovering anything were grim...and she ended up losing EVERYTHING. I have a PC not a mac, but all I can think about is how ALL of my music, pictures, and some documents are all on that stupid piece of hardware that I am pretty much inseparable from. I finally got it up, and then it died again.

It is one giant time bomb, and if I do not get an external hard drive or something soon to transfer all my stuff, I am worried that I will lose everything and face the equivalent of a sad mac. I hate computers, yet I cannot live without that thing. And figures this would happen at the end of my semester when all my projects and papers are due........

If anyone wants to offer any words of hope or suggestions, I would not mind...kind of freaking out here.

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Modern Crush said...

External hard drive.... like yesterday