Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Adult Life

With all of these happening in one day...the reality kind of set in that I really am not a kid anymore. This is pretty obvious, I know, being 20 years old and living on my own for the third year. But facing the not-so-fun aspects of growing up, just made me feel kind of strange for some reason.
  • working on TAXES (never done this before...and I felt completely out of my comfort zone)
  • Renewing my car registration
  • Paying almost $500 for car insurance
  • Talking to an RN about my healthcare plan in regards to my upcoming surgery and asking about a living will??
They are little yes. And for most of you this is old news. I am not complaining by any means- I don't necessarily mind all of these, just all in one day?

As my 17 year old cousin said recently..."I don't want to be an adult because that means you have to do taxes and get colonoscopies." Maybe I am not yet in need for the latter, but I know what she means!

Cheers to being an adult. It is a love-hate relationship :)


Erika said...

I am sorry to say it, but as you get older, more and more stuff just gets piled on! And then you are thirty! But, life is an adventure, right??

Chelsea said...

so true! But it is just a weird feeling being in my twenties because it feels like a decade of a lot of pressure. Exciting pressure, graduating college, starting a career, possibly getting married....and being almost 21 it just seems like time has FLOWN by. It is really exciting!!! But scary. And like you said Erika, I am going to blink and be thirty before I know it!

Modern Crush said...

Well said ladies. Over the last few months I keep having flashbacks of my life as a kid. I hear about a book I want to read and then my mind starts wandering back to when I was 19 and I used to go to the library by myself and check out a bunch of novels and then hide myself in my room to read FOR LIKE A ENTIRE SATURDAY. Or sew for hours and hours on spring or summer breaks without anything else better to do. Now it's mostly wishful thinking at its best. Don't get me wrong, I love being married and having all that I do but sometimes I REALLY am convinced that I didn't appreciate those old days- the days when I wasn't wondering in the middle of the night what I am going to cook for dinner tomorrow or what the economy will look like in 10 years or how the hell am I going to be able to afford to retire!!! And why the heck did I work so much during college and not go to the beach more???? Or sleep more??? Thats a question that just boggles my mind...