Monday, September 10, 2007

School Dungeon

Well, I have not been keeping up on my blog. But I am sitting here at home in between classes, studying the skull for anatomy lab, eating a goat cheese pizza, and I thought, wow, I could really use a distraction. This can be considered as being productive- yes? (just nod along...) So far, I am only in the beginning of the third week, but I already have a general feel for what this semester is going to be like. Between work, and only 13 units, It is nothing but go go go. Mondays, I have anatomy lecture from 8:10-9:00, I come home, study, then I have lab from 1:10-3:55, come home and study, and nutrition from 7-9:45, come home, study, and sleep. And the rest of the week is not much better. It felt like it took a long time, longer than previous semesters, to get back into study mode. But now that I am starting to find it again, it feels good. Despite the craziness and stress, I enjoy the feeling of being busy and productive. I am also in the process of getting all of the information (deadlines, requirements, etc.) for all of the nursing schools I am applying to. I think I am going to volunteer again this semester a few hours a week, as if I am not busy enough. 2 jobs, 13 units, volunteer work, hopefully sleeping and eating. WHEW! Got to back to it! But I have to remember, I am going to be in this dungeon for the next few years, and it will only get worse after I am in nursing school! And I cannot wait (that is not sarcasm).

Ciao for now.

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