Sunday, September 23, 2007

Last week, we saw our first cadavers in Anatomy lab.. it was pretty awesome. It was a very strange experience actually. We weren't actually dissecting yet, just going over surface anatomy and we could touch if we wanted to (of course I did!). We are lucky because the cadavers are from UCSF Medical Center, and we get 6 every semester, and some schools have the same ones for years. If this makes you uncomfortable, you don't have to keep reading
The first cadaver we looked at was a 90 year old woman who died of septic shock. She also had breast cancer and a scar on each knee, but our teacher does not know what they are from. The man was 61 and died of some kind of stomach cancer. Their heads, hands, and feet were covered. The smell was not at all as bad as I was not pleasant, but it was completely bearable. Is it bad that I am excited to dissect a human but dreading dissecting a cat? Is that normal or twisted?


Georgia Woodson said...

Cats are cute, old men are not.

I had to dissect a cat in high school. It was super sad. I would have rather dissected an old person. Can you imagine a school district that would allow high schoolers to dissect a human? Ha! That would be weird.

Erika said...

The cadavers we had for my anatomy class had been dissected before and had been at Mira Costa for some years. I think it would have been cool to do the dissecting ourselves. Instead, it ended up just being a hand on studying tool. It is very cool you guys get your very own cadavers!

Oh, and the cats-it was harder for me to deal with the cats than the people too, I don't know why. It kind of grossed me out more, too. Good luck:)