Sunday, March 23, 2008

everyone is 21! (except me)

Well it seems that we are just celebrating birthdays left and right!! 4 friends have already turned 21, and there are about 5 in April. CRAZY!!! It has been a ton of fun celebrating, but equally as exhausting and pricey (dinner, presents, etc.) We celebrated Monica's a couple weeks ago, having a party for her and then going out to dinner for sushi.

Me and the bday girl
Everyone together for Moni's dinner

The following weekend, Brittany rented a limo for her birthday, we had dinner in SF and just went out around the city. It was really fun, and something different to do! We got dropped off at 11, so we went to our friends' St. Patrick's Day party afterward.

Kelly, Kasey, Brittany & I, with Britt's
boyfriend and friends from the East Bay
Rockin' the green for St. Patty's day...
Chelsey, Julie, Kasey, Chelsea


Modern Crush said...

You are so pretty! Ahhhh, to be 21 again....

Chelsea said...

I still remember your 21st like it was yesterday. So weird that it wasn't...time goes by too fast.