Monday, November 5, 2007

I like this time change

as opposed to the spring time change, but it is still kind of messing me up. It is 10:30 and I am absolutely STARVING...because my body is telling me it is 11:30 which is when I usually eat. Our landlord came yesterday because the blinds in Kelly and my room broke, and I had told him about it in a note I stuck in with the rent check. But I was totally unprepared, our room was probably the messiest it has ever been, Kelly has a big hole in her well from an long and very much unsuccessful attempt to hang a shelf. So my landlord and his wife were just standing there watching me (probably staring in horror at our room) as I took down the blinds. So meanwhile, we have nothing over our window, and the light from the hallway in our building shines through-very annoying. And he said he will have a new one in the next couple weeks. WEEKS?? UGHHH so frustrating. And the light in our closet broke, so it is really fun trying to find clothes in there when Kelly is asleep and it is pitch black.


Georgia Woodson said...

Ahhh, the life of a college student! You could always hang a sheet, like the hillbillys do down south. Good to see you posting again! We missed you.

Erika said...

Or put tin foil in the window. That would really impress your landlord when he comes back. Put it would make it very very dark. You could get one of those cheap tap lights in your closet too, to light it up a bit. Or use a lantern:)