Monday, July 16, 2007

Here are Pictures from my mom's weekend a few weeks ago. These pictures are from the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park, and also from when we went to dinner before seeing the musical Jersey Boys. We had a great time!!! So fun. We went shopping downtown, ate good food, and other fun things.
Well, I am not very good at keeping up my blog! Or taking pictures of the city like I said I would. I work every day, usually with one day off, but sometimes no days off at all, so it has been busy. I love working at Pasta Pomodoro. I am a cashier, which means I handle all the T0-Go orders, and then after a few months I can become a server if I want. Everyone that works there is really nice and I have made a few good friends already. I can’t believe the summer is already halfway over!! EEK!


Anonymous said...

fantabulous picture of you two lovely ladies!!Spectacular.....!
And wish I was there. oh pooh...

Love, Auntie Lori

Cherlin said...

Good for people to know.